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This website is all about excavators and backhoes. We have information on both rubber tired back hoes and also information on small track excavators or as some call them, mini hoes or mini excavators. There is also information on all the attachments that you an get for your backhoe or mini excavator so you can do more than just dig.

Our information listed has excavation equipment from Cat which has both rubber tired back hoes and track type excavators. There is also information about John Deere backhoes and John Deere excavators, products built by Hitachi and of course the world famous small brand of loader excavator, Kubota. When one thinks about small mini excavators the first names to come to mind are usally Kubota or Bobcat. There are several other brands of mini excavators on the market and more seeming to be arriving all the time. No longer is Japan being the number builder of mini excavators as there is now brands coming out of Korea, and China, Names like Daewoo and Doosan and finding their way to the construction fields through out the world.

Mini excavators come in sizes from a few thousand pounds to double digit thousand pounds. Mini excavators are rated by weight and digging depth and also by break out force. Digging depths can vary from 5 feet to about 13 feet in the mini size and even deeper in the midi to large full size excavators. A lot of people buy mini excavators as a way to make a small living or help out in their business. Most of the machines are priced about the same as a full size American pick up truck so then can be quite affordable. Everyone from landscapers to plumbers and home builders will find these small machines are key component of their business. They are small and easy to get into tight spots like back yards and along side homes etc. The mini to midi size excavators are special in the fact that they come equipted with a leveling blade. This allows you to do a nice job of tiding up your trench work afterwards. Some models on the mini Kubota even have an angle blade.

Transporting these small excavators can be a real dream as all you need is a small tandem axle tow behind trailer. Most 20 foot car hauler type trailers will do quite well. Another advantage that these mini excavators have is most of them come with rubber tracks. This allow them to travel down paved streets and sidewalks without crumbling pavement or cement. Traveling over lawns leaves very little of an imprint and in most cases will never rip the grass at all.

Size does matter when it comes to buckets for excavators and backhoes alike. Bucket sizes for excavators can range from 3 cubic feet or even less, all the way up to a few cubic yards. You can get digging buckets, clean out buckets which are smooth and wide, V-nose buckets for digging V shaped trenched, narrow deep tooth buckets called frost buckets and you can also get almost anything you can imagined built for you. Buckets are just one the items that you can get for these machines. You can get a lot more attachments for these machines as you will see throughout the site and in our attachment section.