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When it comes to versalitiy of back hoes and excavators, it's the tools that allow each machine to do a different task. These machines both backhoes and excavators were built to do one job and that job was to dig. Dig a hole, dig a trench, dig a ditch and then cover it all up or move the diggings away. Then along came the options or add-ons or attachments that were able to transform these machines into multi tasking machines. No longer is rubber tired hoe just for digging. quickly drop off the front bucket and quick connect a pallet fork or maybe a street sweeper power broom or maybe just a snow blade. Like wise for the excavators. Drop the bucket and add a hydraulic breaker or maybe an auger attachment. The list here is endless making these machines almost a must have in every mans back yard.

Tractor Backhoes

Attachments for the front include the following:
Sweeper Broom

With a quick connect on the fron end loader you can drop your loader bucket and hook up to a broom in a matter of minutes. Two hydraulic connection lines from the loader to the broom and you are set to start sweeping. These brooms are great for parking lots and roadways or any area that needs a quick sweeping. Broom bristles can be replaced fast as most brooms come with a quick replaceable segment system.


You can buy all sorts of blades for the front end of a backhoe. You can buy snow blades, dozer blades and V-Plow blades

Pallet Forks

Pallet forks are a handy item to have around especially if your back hoe is in the enviroment of being used in landscaping. So many items like pallets of sod, pallets of unistone blocks, pallets of most anything can be moved about with ease. Most pallet forks come with a quick attach system so removal is fast and simple. The pallet forks can now make the backhoe loader a tool of choice for many small business owners.

Snow Blowers

If you live or work anywhere that winter time brings snow, these tools are almost a must have. A snowblower can be a real treat in moving snow about compared to a blade or bucket. There is nothing worse than snow piling up higher and freezing in until you need to haul it all away. Having a snowblower can off set that experience right away. After a good snow you can just start blowing the snow away off out of the way.

Other items for the front end of the back hoe loader could include Round Bale Forks and Box Blades

Hoe Pac which is used for tamping or packing an area that was dug out. Example would be digging out an area for a culvert and then tamping the base area so the culvert will not settle after it has been put in.


Augers are really handy for both backhoes and excavators. You can get these tools in all sorts of lengths and diameters. These tools are used for drilling holes in the ground to put in fence posts and pilings. Installed on an excavator, these augers can be used to drill holes in what would be out of the way or hard to reach places. Imagine wanting to put in some pilings for a deck on your house but you had a nice flower bed and other landscaping in the way. Normally you might have though of using a auger on a skid steer but the front end was to short to reach. You would end up having to mess up your landscaping or dig the holes by hand. This way you can just reach your boom over to the spot and drill away. These are also used for enviromental soil testing as the excavator can go almost anywhere.

Shears Shears are used in demolition also. Powerfull hydraulic shears are used to cut through old re-bar that was used to add strength in cement.

Thumbs and rakesThumbs are an almost can't do without on an excavator. These are used as a claw to pick up items like logs or junk debris. Most rakes are used in combination with the thumb and are great for land breaking of old roots and rocks.

Hydraulic Breakers

Hydraulic breakers are handy tool to have for both the backhoe or the excavator. If you are into any kind of renovation or demolition business, this is a must have tool. Hydraulic breakers quickly hook up in place of the digging bucket and are connected with two hydraulic lines. You will notice in a lot of ads how they will make the comment, "plumbed for hoe pac". That means the machine is already plumbed or fitted with the hydraulic lines to power these usits. Hydraulic breakers are great for busting out old concrete curbs and foundations or even old concrete pads.

Brushers an Mowers

Mowers are one of the best inventions to come along when it come to excavators. The mower has been able to transform the excavator from a digging machine to a full time maintance machine. Mowing brush and ditches is an ongoing chore year after year so the mower attachment has allowed the small excavator owner the ability to find work for their machines that noramlly would have not existed. Mowers come in all sort of models from rotary transform the excavator from a digging machine to a full time chore machine as brushing and mowing is an on going ordeal. This is a great investment for any small buisness owner who has one of these excavators. These mowers come in both rotarydisk or flail type and also in various widths. They can be quite pricey but the payoff is well worth the investment.