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BobCat Excavators For Sale

When we think of name Bobcat we almost always tend to think of skid steer loaders. Yes Bobcat makes skid steer loaders but they also make mini excavators. Bobcat is like the leader in small excavators and attachments because of their long time involvement with the small skid steer industry.

Bobcat is only in the mini excavator line. The smallest mini is the 418 and it's really small. The 418 is used by homeowners or contractors working in excavation, landscaping, grading, plumbing or electrical and cable applications. It has a track width of just 28 inches. That's just over 2 feet wide. It weighs 2600 pounds, is powered by a 10 horse power diesel and can dig down 6 feet so it can do a pretty fair job verses someone with a hand shovel. Small rubber tracks leave a zero footprint and of course the zero swing of the machine allows it to go almost anywhere.

The largest of the Bobcat mini excavators is the E80. This machine would be like the competition to the Kubota KX80. The machine weigh in at almost 17,000 pounds, is powered by a 57 horse engine and has a digging depth of 15.5 feet. One thing that this machine does not have is an angle blade which could put it at a disadvantage compared to a John Deere in the same weight catagory. Between the E80 and the 418 there are another 10 models to choose from All of the models are either zero swing or minimal swing. There are two models the E32 and the E42 that are classed as conventional tail swing models.

Bobcat does not really build a rubber tire backhoe as you would think. They do build a small tractor that comes with a 4X4 drive system. They actually have eight models of compact tractors. These tractors come with a 3 point hitch so the backhoe that would come with the machine would be classed as an attachment. You could then pin or un-pin the backhoe attachment at any time. Where Bobcat fails in backhoe tractors it does make up in it's excavators and skid steers. Almost every rental outfit will handle Bobcat and almost everyone starting a small landscaping or construction business will end up buying or owning at least one piece of equipment that is made by Bobcat.