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Used Case Backhoes For Sale

Case backhoes. Everyone has heard of Case backhoes. When most North Americans think of "Back Hoe" they will most likely think Case. Case produced the first "integrated" Tractor Loader Backhoe in 1957. Then in 1964 Elton Long of the J.I. Case Corp. filed a patent for the first extendable boom. This put Case in the fore front of backhoe loaders. Today you will still see a lot of Case rubber tire backhoes running about digging and trenching. A lot of small owner operators of backhoes will choose the Case back hoe over most of the competition. I have known a few myself who have said once you run the Case you will not go back to running any other backhoe.

Today Case builds just 4 models of back hoes. Case is like Kubota in the fact that they manufacture their own engines. There are 3 in the 580 series and 1 in the 590 series. Horse powers range from 79 hp to 108 hp. Machine weights run from 14,000 pounds to 20,000 pounds. Digging depths on the 580 Super N are almost 15 feet and the front bucket capacity is 1.25 yards. Hoe bucket breakout force is 11,334 ft pounds. This is one powerful machine. The largest backhoe that Case builds is the 590 Super N. This backhoe can dig a depth of 15.5 feet, has a 1.5 yard fron loader bucket, has a backhoe bucket breakout force of 15,000 ft pounds. All of the Case models are 4X4 with powershift transmissions. You can also order a 2 wheel drive version on any of the models.

Case backhoes have a different style of rear digger or backhoe. Unlike Cat or John Deere that has an arch or bow style like an excavator, Case has a fairly straight build boo. This allows the rear bucket to be a bit higher off the ground while traveling and traversing over rugged terrain, but it also allows the boom to be a but less heavy as there is less metal in the structural pat of the boom. This eliminates the backhoe from rocking fore and aft while travelling rugged ground.

I can say as before that I not only have I talked to Case backhoe owners but I have seen them in action. I watched a Case which was an older 560 out dig a 416B Cat hands down.This was digging in frozen ground also. The boom action on the Case was as smooth as silk and the digging force was incredible. If I was ever going to buy a rubber tired backhoe I would have to look very serious at owning a Case. Nuff said!

Case also builds excavators, both mini and large full size construction excavators. You never really see that many as they are not as common as say Cat or JD in the larger models or like you would see Kubota or Bobcat say in the smaller models. From the smallest to the largest of models, Case has six models that range from 3600 pounds to 12,000 pounds. Horse power ratings are from 15 Hp to 40 Hp. all of the smaller versions come with a leveling blade and quick attach features for faasat change of bucket and attachments. In the larger model segment there are 16 models ranging in weight from 17000 pounds to 180,000 pounds.