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Used Cat Backhoes For Sale

Caterpillar is the world's largest manufacturer of heavy equipment, construction and mining equipment in the world. the company became what it is after a 1925 merger of the Holt Manufacturing Company and the C. L. Best Tractor Company, creating the California based Caterpillar Tractor Company. Although most noted for it's tracked crawler type tractors, the company todaybuilds all sort of equipment from dozers to generators, skidsteers to telehandlers and almost everything in between.

Cat is known for it's products and or those products to hold their value more than some of it's competitors. When you buy a piece of Cat equipment you may notice that sometimes you are paying a premium for the name. You will also notice that when pricing used equipment that the Cat product is slightly higher priced than another brand.

When it come to backhoes and excavators, Cat has been building these products for quite some time also. There rubber tired backhoes are familair on a lot of construction projects around the world. Unlike a lot of other manufactures though, Cat only as a few models of rubber tire loader backhoes to choose from. At present time the company has only four models of rubber tired back hoes to choose from. The smallest backhoe is the 416E which has an 87 horse power engine, has a digging depth of 14 feet but can go as deep as 18 feet with an extendahoe fully out reached. A front bucket has the capacity of 1.25 yards

The larger backhoe, the 450E has 124 horse power, can dig to a depth of 17 feet and up to 21 feet with the extendahoe. This model has a front bucket capacity of 1.75 yards. There is also two more models in between and what makes these two models a bit different is that they each have an IT model. IT stands for Integrated Toolcarrier. On the IT models you have a front end loader that allows you to quick change front end attachments such as a street sweeper, pallet forks or angle blade for dozing.

Unlike some of it's competitors, Cat's 4x4 system has a smaller set of steering tires on the front. Options like crawl and crab steering are not common with the Cat like say some of the JCB models. This can be a disadavantage when working slippery side hills where traction and stability is crucial.

Cat also builds excavators. They most likely have the largest selection of models when it comes to excavators. All the way from mini hoes like the 300.9D that weighs a mere 2000 pounds to the large mining excavation machines like the 390DL that produce 530 horse power. Cat has at this time 12 models that are classed as mini excavators, five models that are clssed as small excavators, seven models that are classed as medium and seven models that would be classed as heavy. Wieght ranges for the mini excavators range from 2000 pounds to 18,000 pounds with digging depths ranging from about 5 feet to 13 1/2 feet on the largest of the mini excavators.

In the small excavator category, models range from 80 horse power with weights of 27,000 pounds to 125 horse power and a weight of 44,000 pounds. Digging depths start to vary a lot once you get into thi class of machine as it depends on boom structure and dipper arm or stick lengths. You can configure these booms and sticks dpending on the job you are planning on doing with the ecavator.

Medium sized excavators range from 44,000 pounds to 80,000 pounds and horse power ranges from 148 to 268 HP. In the heavy or large range of excavators you will find horse power ranges from 290 to over 500 HP. Once again weights range from 100,000 to almost 200,000 pounds.

Cat also builds attachments for both the excavators and backhoes. Plus you can get a lot of after market or side line type of equipment for these machines.