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In the last few years we are starting to see a few more Doosan excavators on mine sites and construction sites. It might seem to most people that Doosan is a relatively new company but in reality the company has been around for over 100 years. The company is involved in everything from engineering, construction, financing all the way to making engines, heavy equipment and power trains for the worlds construction needs.

Doosan builds 12 different models of excavators. There are no mini excavators in the Doosan line up. The smallest model is the DX63-3. This excavator would be classified as a 6 ton model. It has a 58 HP engine and is cappable of digging over 13 feet. This excavator comes standard with Auto-Shift travel, which shifts the excavator out of high range or low range automatically. Auto-Shift increases travel performance on demand, allowing operators to focus on the direction and speed. This model also comes with an offset boom swing which improves machine versatility allowing you dig in line with the tracks.

On of the more common excavators are the DX140LC-3 and the DX140LCR-3. These machine sits in the 12-14 class. The DX140lc-3 comes with the standard house and the DX140LCR-3 comes with a zero swing short tail and blade assembly. The DX140LCR-3 shorter tail swing profile helps you work in confined areas without sacrificing performance. The DX140LCR-3 is ideal for roadways, railroad rights of way, bridge areas and urban jobsites. Engine horse power ratings are right at 100 HP and digging depths are between 17 feet and 19 feet. All models include a standard rear view camera that can display machine information and video simultaneously. A side view camera is optional.

Another common excavator in the Doosan line up is the DX300LC-5. This is a machine that sits in the mid 30 ton class and is quite common on a lot of general construction sites. It's moveability and being able to dig a depth of 24 feet with larger capacity buckets makes this excavator a model of choice for many contractors. It weighs 68,000 lbs and is powered by a 266 HP engine. To reach Tier emissions standards, the DX300LC-5 incorporates a high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) fuel delivery system as well as cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) combined with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalyst reduction (SCR).

The largest of the excavators is the DX530LC-5. This is almost a 60 ton machine with a digging depth of 24 feet and is powered with 372 HP. This would be a road builder model or an excavator you would see in a mining operation. This machine features Two-way auxiliary hydraulics that can be controlled via a joystick switches or the new optional foot pedal control. This excavator also comes with 4 Power Modes and 4 Work Modes. The DX530LC-5 is brute strength with 68,000 lb bucket break out force, 57,000 lb digging arm force and 100,000 lbs of drawbar pull.

Doosan also builds wheeled excavators. There are three models to choose ranging from 14 ton to 21 ton. Horse power ranges are from 143 HP to 170 HP with digging depths running from 15 feet to 20 feet. The bolt-on design allows you to easily configure the machine with a dozer blade or outriggers. Level or backfill material with the dozer blade, or stabilize the machine during digging applications. Control the outriggers individually to level the machine on slopes. The front axle oscillates and provides an excellent steering angle for maneuverability but can be locked for better digging and lifting performance. The rear axle is fixed. The transmission is mounted directly to the rear axle for protection from obstacles and optimum ground clearance. An advanced disc brake system works directly on the hub instead of the drive shaft to avoid planetary gear backlash. This eliminates the rocking effect associated with working free on wheels. A new travel motor and transmission control in the driveline provide comfortable travel thanks to increased smoothness and improved hydraulic retarding and gear shifting.