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JCB builds the JCB backhoe. The name come after the initials of the founder of the company, Joseph Cyril Bamford. The company has been building backhoe tractor type equipment since the 1950's in the UK. The company actually started in 1945 building farm type trailers. Today the JCB backhoe or digger as some call it is built and sold all over the world. Some would say that the JCB is the symbol of diggers, especially tractor type front end loader diggers.While most tractor backhoes use a cantilever style leveling lift at the back end of the machine to stabilze the backhoe, JCB uses an off set side shift mechanism. They have been using this system for as long as they have been building backhoes.

JCB builds both rubber tired loader type back hoes and tracked excavators. The JCB backhoe is a well engineered and designed machine. JCB has 9 models of backhoes that range in weight from about 6000 pounds all the way up to almost 18000 pounds. Digging depths vary from 8 feet to almost 18 feet. Lifting capacities vary from about 1000 pounds to over 10,000 pounds. This wide variety of weights and digging depths make the JCB backhoes the machine of choice. While most manufactures models seem to be all about the same the JCB give you the extras.

One of those extras that you get with a JCB is the larger front tire size. They have models like the 4CX 15 that has four wheel drive along with four wheel steering. The front and rear tire sizes are the same making this machine almost like a full blown loader. A wide section of gears and you can go almost anywhere and do anything with this loader backhoe. Having extended reach, and a front end multi purpose bucket on the loader and you will find that no job is to tought for the JCB tractor backhoe.

Of course JCB also builds excavators too. JCB excavators has 25 models of excavators that come in sizes ranging from 12 horse power. 2000 pounds and 5 1/2 feet digging depth all the way up to large excavators that weigh over 100,000 pounds, dig 40 feet deep and have a horse power rating as high as 300 horses. Tracks on JCB excavators are rubber, steel and GeoGrip. Most of the mid to upper size excavators are powered by Izuzu engines which are know for their ease of fuel consumption and long life. Almost all the mini to mid size excavators up to 20,000 pounds come with enclosed cabs and leveling blades.

Whatever the job, you can be safe in the knowledge that a JCB 1CXT offers superior productivity. We've installed a powerful Tier 3 engine in this compact agile machine, together with the loading and digging capabilities to tackle the toughest jobs.

Optional extending digger available, which can dig to depths of 3.08m, 36% deeper than its nearest rival and reach up to 4m at ground level. Superb tractive effort provided by the high-drive tracks, offers great pushing power and a 14% increase in bucket capacity and 30% increase in ground clearance compared to the 1CX.