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John Deere has been aound for about a century building equipment. Mostly know for it's green and yellow trim farm equipment, JD also builds a line of constuction equipment. When it comes to backhoes, JD as it's fair share of machines out in the constuction fields all around the world.

Today JD builds a handful of models of rubber tire back hoes. They build a real small backhoe called the 110. This little backhoe is powered with a 43 horse 4 cylinder Yamnar diesel engine. It's 4x4 drive so it can get around quite well in slippery and tight situations. The backhoe has a digging depth of about 10 feet so it can really get down to some serious trenching also. This smaller backhoes loader is mainly used by grounds keepers, landscapers or small orchard type of operations.

The next step up is the 310 series of backhoes. These units are most likely the most popular models sold. You will see a lot of local government service and public works yards will use these machines. There is always a JD dealer close by it seems so parts are readily available. The 310 series backhoes are powered with 63 HP John Deere diesel engines and most come with 4x4 as a standard feature. The 310 backhoes have a digging depth of almost 18 feet. A six speed shuttle transmission will allow you to go from a slow crawl to a fast clip down the road.

In the larger end of machines you will find the JD 410 and 710. The JD 410 is powered with a 73 HP John Deere engine. The 410 has the capacity to dig 20 feet deep and the front loader bucket is almost 1 cubic meter in size. The 410 also comes in both 4x4 and 2 wheel drive configurations. The 710 is the largest of the John Deere fleet of backhoes. This rubber tire backhoe is the equivalent of a 12 ton hoe. The unit is powered with a 6 cyclinder 97 HP JD engine. The front end loader is a quite large and has a caacity of 2 cubic yards. Digging depth is 22 feet deep.

John Deere also builds excavators and they have been building excavators for quite some time now. many people will look at the JD and say that it looks just a Hitachi excavator. That's because it is. JD has a lot of their machines built by someone else. In a lot of the older models of JD the only difference between them and the Hitachi wa the color of paint and the engine. John Deere used their own engines while the Hitachi use Isuzu engines. Pretty much everything else was the same. Track gear, rollers, drives and pumps were pretty much the same.

Today when it comes to JD excavators, you will find that they offer almost two dozen models all the way from the 17D that weighs 4000 pounds to the 870G that weighs almost 200,000 pounds. John Deere does have a nice line up of mini and midi range excavators though. They have nine models that range from the very small the 17D that weighs 4000 pound to the 135D which weighs 32,000 ponds. All of these models are equipt with blades. You can get both rubber, bolt on or iron tracks on most of the models also. All of these smaller versionas are powered with Isuzu engines.

John Deere also builds a wheel excavator. These a build just like track excavator except that they have an under carriage that is supported by wheels and is wheel driven . A lot of towns and public works will own this style of excavator because of the ease of getting around without the need of of a tractor trailer to move them. The JD 190D W is one such machine. This machine is also powered by an Isuzu engine.