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Spider excavators. Sometimes refered to as walking excavators, these are excavators that are used in steep terrain areas. Unlike other track type excavators, these machines have a series of wheels mounted on legs that are all hydraulicly powered allwoing the machine to roll down a road, climb a steep hill, walk out into water or almost any other thing imaginable. These machine are almost like robots or futuristic machines as everything is jointed. Cabs can swivel to keep themselves level, leg can articulate to keep keep the machine level plus they can move like a spider climbing near vertical faces giving them the name, spider excavators.

Build in Germany this machine is known around the world for it's fine German engineering and workmanship. Rough terrain workers take a fine liking to the quaity and durability of these machines. With 4 different models to choose from there is one for anyone who is looking at getting into this type of excavation work. The basic model is the Kaiser SX which is a wheeled version of the walking excavator. With a weight of 8.5 tons the KAISER SX can be transported on a two-axle truck. Because of its electronic pump and accessory management this excavator works extremely efficient. Undercarriage movements are fast and powerful. The high torque at low speeds effects low fuel consumption. A newly developed analysis system records a wide range of performance parameters to evaluate the operating behaviour.

The Kaiser S2 is the ideal all-round machine for all your applications in the toughest of terrain. Irrespective of the obstacles, for example steep slopes or river bed, with the S2 you are always prepared for every challenge. The hydraulically adjustable legs offer maximum standing area. The front wheels can be quickly removed for stable working in extreme terrain. The Kaiser S2 is the world’s most widely employed walking mobile excavator worldwide, and forms the performance benchmark for the whole industry.

There is a Kaiser 4X4 and also a 4X4 Cross. The 4X4 cross four large steerable driving wheels are ideal for working above trenches or ditches or on the side of slopes.Some of the features include All-wheel double-pivot steering for maximum manoeuvrability without compromising stability, triple steering, leg and wheel steering front and rear and optimal driving and steering with permanent all-wheel drive.

The Kaiser S2 4x4 Gator is a specialist machine for applications in wet and marshy terrain. The special steering of the front drive wheels permits a wide range of applications in marshy terrain and in deeper water. The special rig form ensures very low driving resistance. The machine can be raised extremely high for large wading depths. On land the machine can travel upto 10 Km per hour. All these machines come with various attachments from brush cutters and mowers to drills and augers. Weights on these excavators vary from 8 ton to 10 ton. althohgh not heavy digging excavators these machines will out perform almost any other type of excavating machine in rough and steep terrain.