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New Holland. Whenever I think of New Holland I think of haying equipment. New Holland balers, forage harvesters and other farm related equipment. Excavators and backhoes don't come into mind at all but they are there. Actually New Holland builds a lot of heavy construction equipment. They have been building skid steer loaders now for a lot of years. Infact they were the first to build a cantilever type lifting arms on their skid steers.

In the mini line up of excavators, New Holland builds five models ranging from 15 horse power to 39 horse power. They also build two models in the midi or mid range. These models are the E70B and the E80B models. Both of these are powered with 55 horse engines.

New Holland also builds large heavy excavators for heavy construction. The smaller of the heavy weights is the E135B model. This unit is a 34,000 pound machine so it would fit the 15 ton class. It is powered by a a 94 horse engine and has a digging depth of almost 20 feet. This excavator also comes with the leveling blade for doing backfill and tidy up work. super nice machine. There is one model bigger which is the E215B. The excavator wouuld fit the 20 ton class rating. A very nice machine which is powered with a 150 horse engine and has a 22 foot digging depth

New Holland also builds rubber tired backhoes. Of course being European the design on some models is much like the JCB models. New Holland backhoes are powered by CNH 445TA/ML5 Emission Compliant engines. The B115B model backhoe is a four wheel drive model that has the larger front end tires much like a wheel loader would have. This backhoe is powered with a 110 horse engine and carries a weight of 18,000 pounds. The backhoe itself can dig down 15 feet so it offers lots of reach. The outriggers are extendable and the backhoe boom flips sideways to allow more front end stability.

Of the other two models, the B110C is much like the B115B except this unit has a smaller tire size up front and does not have a folding boom. Horse power although is the same. The two smaller models are the B90B B95B which are powered by 94 horse engines and have just a bit shorter reach and digging depth. You can get a lot of addtional attachments for New Holland backhoe loaders also. Multi purpose buckets, tine forks and grapples are just some of the options.