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Volvo builds a lot of equipment. Mostly what people in North america see is Volvo cars and large highway transport trucks, but get out into the construction sites and we are starting to see a lot of Volvo equipment. Volvo build a huge varity of excavators and backhoes all the way from mini hoe to monster mining size excavators.

In the backhoe line up there is two models to choose from. The BL60 and the BL70. Being almost the same in appearance the BL70 has a 97 HP 3.8 liter Volvo engine. The BL70B backhoe loader comes with intuitive multi-purpose hydraulics and features three work modes for additional fuel economy and precision operation.

The BL70 is petty much the same machine but comes with a 101 HP Volvo engine and weighs in just a few KG's more than the smaller version. BL70B is now equipped with new electronically controlled hydraulic pump. Better use of engine power, shorter loading cycles and substantial fuel efficiency are assured due to constant adaptation of pump settings to working conditions.

In the mini excavator line up, Volvo offers six different models ranging in size from 2 ton to 8 ton. The smallest machine, the EC20 is powered with a water-cooled, indirect injection, Volvo 3 cylinder diesel engine. The largest model of the compact class is the ECR88. This excavator come powered with a 58 HP 4 cylinder engine. This machine will weigh in at 20,000 lbs. when fully equipt. The ECR88 has a digging depth of almost 15 feet.

Volvo offers a lot of it's own brand of attachments for these excavators such as buckets, chisels, hammers and also a twist a wrist for those hard to dig places that require additions care in trenching at different angles.

In the larger crawler line up of Volvo there is a lot of models to choose from. In fact there is 15 different models and sizes ranging all the way from 14 ton to over 70 ton miners.
The smallest, the EC140D weighs in at 30,000 lbs. range and is powered by 113 HP engine.

The largest Volvo excavator is the EC700C. This machine weighs in at 160,000 lbs. putting it into an 80 ton class and is powered by a 424 HP Volvo engine. Bucket sizes for this excavator range all the way from 3 yds. to 8.5 yds. This monster of an excavator can dig depths of 33 feet and can reach upwards to 44 feet. Each track is powered by an automatic two-speed shift travel motor. Track brakes are multi-disc, spring-applied and hydraulically released. This excavator is used in heavy construction and mining applications all over the globe.

Of all the excavators Volvo makes, the EC380 is most likely the most common for all around construction work. Easily transportable without need of pilot vehicles this excavator can be moved from any location to perform any kind of trenching or digging job.

Below is a shot of the EC700 loading out a Volvo haul truck. With the largest of buckets this excavator can fill the average haul truck with just 4 buckets. This makes for fast turn around times when material has to be transported away.